(Dates/times flexible based on your preference)

“If your people aren’t engaged, your patients won’t be either

Great practices realise their people need to be at the heart of everything they do. They realise how central emotions are to building the right culture and stakeholder experiences. (Riders & Elephants)

The Emotional Culture in Practice Online workshop, using the Emotional Culture Deck designed by Riders & Elephants, shows you how to improve your patient and employee experience through creating real, human and connected experiences.

Delivered online at a time that suits you, you can choose from;

  • 1:1 – Just you and me, a very focussed 2 hour session (1 x 2 hour or 2 x 1 hour – your choice) identifying how you want your people to feel at your Practice and what we must do more of to enable that. Plus a whole lot of downloadable tools to help you communicate this in Practice. Perfect for Practice Principals, Dentists that lead a team and Practice Managers. Just $759.
  • Leadership Team – Practice Principal, Clinical Co-ordinator, PM, Lead Dentist etc (up to 3). This session follows the same model above however provides for a more diverse perspective from your leaders. It allows more opportunity to address blind spots and to increase your self awareness. Just $959.
  • Whole Team – Whole of Practice. This session will give real insight into how your people WANT to feel at work in order to do their best work. It’s incredibly insightful and allows for the whole of team to form a unified front when it comes to being responsible for setting the right internal culture and patient experience at your practice. By far the best workshop to affect real change. At just $1,159, why wouldn’t you? (for up to 10 participants – for larger practices contact me for pricing)