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Staying connected and optimistic during COVID-19

In just a few weeks Dental Practices around the world have suffered from PPE Shortages, to Government imposed restrictions, workforce restructures, stand-downs, shut-downs, the list goes on. It’s easy to surrender to the impending doom and gloom, or is it?

For many of you, there is much to look forward to.

Because you cared for your staff, you didn’t shirk your workplace health and safety responsibilities, putting them in danger without appropriate PPE or by asking them to conduct non essential work.

Because you cared for your patients, you placed strict and at times inconvenient measures, governing how and if you treated them.

Because you cared for your community, you restricted all non essential interactions at your practices.

Because you cared, you have much to look forward to. A grateful and more aware community. An informed and appreciative returning patient base. And a healthy, more connected more resilient team.

So how, if you’re not already, can you stay connected to your people?

  1. Stay Connected to your team – call them, email, use social media, Facetime, Zoom, Houseparty whatever it takes; let them know that you’re there, that you’re thinking of them and that you care.
  2. Stay Connected to your patients – be available, answer your phone, attend to your emails, keep them updated and educated.
  3. Stay Connected to your community – consider how you can assist your local and possibly global community. You have the skill, compassion and now you have the time. Just checking in on your neighbour is a great start.

So let’s look forward.