We’ve decided it’s hard work in Dentistry right? At times it’s simultaneously mentally, emotionally and physically draining. And in the meantime, you’re expected to work cohesively and positively within a team. Don’t worry, we hear you, people can be annoying. The struggle is real, but we can help.

We have a range of workshops to address this, but without doubt our most popular is our Team Personality and Communication Workshop.

Team Personality & Communication Workshops

Delivered in Practice and Now Online via Zoom technology it includes;

  • DISC Personality Assessment & Report for each Team Member
  • 3 hour facilitated Zoom session for the team addressing personality styles, communication preferences and communication strategies for the future (For larger Practices, this delivery can be broken into smaller teams).

Contact Naomi for more information, sample reports, or to learn more about the benefits of these workshops for your Practice.

“Battery Point Dental recently completed our DISC personality testing with Naomi from The Human Practice. We have a large practice with 17 people working in the building from one day until the next and this does create friction from time to time. We found the DISC process invaluable in creating a deeper understanding of our personality and communication styles and this went a long way to improving staff morale and cohesiveness.”

(Dr Patrick Oxborough & Alice Byrne)